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fall leaves

Boomers Prepare For Open Enrollment Season

  Ahh, fall – that time of year when the leaves are changing color, festivals abound, sweaters come out of storage… and Medicare Open Enrollment begins for Active Adults! Mark Your Calendars If you are age 65 or older, you can expect your Medicare Annual Notice of Coverage (ANOC) and Evidence of Coverage (EOC) notice […]

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The History (& Future) of Courtyard Living

  Ahh, the appeal of a courtyard! Active adults are particularly drawn to the courtyard style of homes, which have been back in vogue since the early 2000s, and for good reason: they’re comfortable, energy efficient, great for entertaining, and are a superb source of natural light for the central parts of the home. Courtyards […]

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Home Decor For Your Active Adult Lifestyle

When Active Adults make the decision to right-size their homes, they do so for many reasons, including ease of living, a smaller space to maintain, being closer to family, or simply for a change. In each Windsong home, an open floor plan combines living and dining spaces that make entertaining easier and allows ample natural […]

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Active Adults Know: The Sidewalk Leads To Friends

There is a place where the sidewalk leads to friends Where a new chapter of life begins, And there the grass is cut to the perfect height, And there the sun shines through windows bright, And courtyards are perfect both day and night As are each of the rooms within.   Let us live in […]

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Active Adults Fulfilled Through VolunTOURism

Did you know that travel and voluntarism are not mutually exclusive? According to sustainable tourism research by industry experts at Virginia Tech, more than 10 million individuals spend up to $2 billion each year for the opportunity to “travel with a purpose.” Because there is no regulatory body to ensure that the volunteer work performed […]

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Boomers Keep Their Cool In Summer

Summer is here with a vengeance: the official temperatures reached the mid-90s for the last week of June, with the humidity making it “feel like 99,” and there’s more of the same forecast for the next 10 days. There are a few things homeowners can do to maximize comfort and minimize energy bills when the […]

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book club

Boomers’ Tips For Book Club Success

Fifty years ago this month, the Beatles’ song Paperback Writer topped the music charts. To celebrate this anniversary, we’re offering some tips to help you start or ensure the success of your community book club! Choose The Right Titles Just because a book is on the New York Times Bestseller List does not mean it […]

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“Cool” Tips For Active Adults

It might not feel so this week, but the heat of a Georgia summer is just around the corner. Since keeping cool is a hot topic in the South, we’ve compiled some timely tips to stay healthy and comfortable without sacrificing the “active” part of active adulthood: Stay Hydrated Health experts recommend adults of average […]

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Potted Gardens

Basic Downsizing Prep Tips for Boomers

Downsizing (or “right-sizing,” as we prefer to call it at Windsong) sounds like a wonderful idea, especially when we tour through the model homes and experience first-hand how sophisticated a home can feel when a lifetime of stuff isn’t cluttering every inch of living and storage space. The reality is that most folks feel inspired […]

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The Merry Month of May, Active Adult-Style

While strolling on the sidewalks one day In the merry merry month of May The loveliest sight met my eyes It was such a nice surprise This is where I wake up every day.   The homes are built so tastefully Each one exudes personality Some with porches made of stone Or with bricks the […]

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