Active Adults Live in Houses of Dreams

(based on “Houses of Dreams,” a poem by Sara Teasdale)


You took my random dreams
And filled them – every one
With finishes and amenities
In neighborhoods that are fun.
From the time of my first visit
My dreams began to take form
The homes that Windsong builds
Active Adults’ lives do transform.
My dream was just to simplify
(“Downsize” did not sound right!)
Courtyards, wide halls, lots of windows-
Your homes filled me with delight!
And the kitchen is just perfect
Where I both cook and entertain
I’m thrilled that I have a home
Where guests feel comfortable again.
When the sun is shining
I spend my day outside
Tending flowers in the courtyard
Or to the clubhouse I might stride.
When I want to get together
With my friends, both old and new,
Shops, restaurants, and theaters
Are all quite close by, too!
My home is all I’ve dreamed of
I’ve an office, guest room, and more
And there is so much space for storage
Of the keepsakes I adore.
You took my dreams away
And made them all come true.
Now I have time to rest and play
(No more yard work to do!)
My home and my community
Is better than any dreams
Welcome home to Windsong -
Where Life’s truly A Breeze!

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