Boomer Beguilement for the First Week of Spring

March is Daffodil Season at Gibbs Gardens, a short drive from Windsong's communities, a great resource for plants and flowers as well as garden design.

March is Daffodil Season at Gibbs Gardens, a short drive from Windsong’s communities, a great resource for plants and flowers as well as garden design.

Mother Nature graced us with a beautiful, sunny day for the first day of Spring this week (March 20, 2017), which was generous of her, considering the cold, wet weather we endured during the last full week of Winter!

Plants that had begun to flower suffered a bit of a setback with the freezing temperatures, but have no fear – Pollen Season is just around the corner. (For those of you who are new to Georgia, don’t bother washing your car for about two weeks in mid- to late-April, during the “pollen blizzard” period).

With warm weather this week, take a cue from the schoolchildren’s handbook and have a little fun to celebrate the Season of Renewal:


Plant Something

It’s too early to set out tender tomatoes and other summer fruits and veggies, but there are plenty of flowers and hardy edibles that can satisfy your desire to dig into the dirt. Consider daffodils (already in bloom), irises (many varieties of which are about to bloom), small fruit trees, shrubs, and summer-blooming bulbs and tubers such as gladiolus and daylily.

Exercise Outside

We enjoyed some unseasonably warm days during January and February, so trekking in the neighborhood, at Kennesaw Mountain, along the Silver Comet Trail or Woodstock’s Greenprints Trail were certainly possible. If you tried it once, then took a (literal) rain check, this is a great time to re-start your routine. Walking, biking, hiking a trail, or simply strolling through the quaint downtown areas of Powder Springs, Marietta, Woodstock, Acworth – or any neighboring community – is the perfect early Spring activity.

Dining Outside

You’re likely to work up an appetite while you’re exploring. Luckily, all of the downtown areas mentioned above have a plethora of local restaurants, many with patio dining options, like Century House Tavern in Woodstock, Fish Thyme in Acworth, and Taqueria Tsunami in Marietta. If you prefer to stay home, you can still “dine out,” with an alfresco meal in your private courtyard.

Open the Windows

…then take a deep breath and enjoy the fresh air while you snooze on the sofa in your luxurious living room. (Note: Open Window Season is short, so enjoy it before Pollen Season!)

Become A Birdwatcher

You don’t have to invest in books and binoculars, but you might be inspired to when you realize the cornucopia of bird varieties we have migrating through or settling in for summer. In March, look for cedar waxwings, chimney swifts, robins, cardinals, bluebirds, and Georgia’s State Bird, the Brown Thrasher, to name just a few.


Active Adults who have made the decision to live in a Windsong community don’t have to worry about home maintenance interfering with socializing, hobbies, or simple pleasures. With lawn and yard maintenance expertly handled by the Homeowner’s Association, and quality building materials that require little attention (other than spraying the pollen off the porch and courtyard), Windsong homeowners are able to enjoy lifelong interests – or pursue new ones!

Welcome to Windsong – Where Life’s A Breeze!


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