“Never Too Late” For Active Adults To Live Creatively

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In 1992, writer and teacher Julia Cameron published “The Artist’s Way,” a self-help book designed to help people rediscover their “creative selves,” leading to increased confidence and success. Today, 25 years later, the book is still in great demand, and scores of people from all walks of life practice daily “morning pages” (journaling) to help them identify and maintain their goals.

Throughout the years, additional “Artist’s Way” books have followed, providing creative guidance for children, teens, parents, employees and business owners, and more. In April 2016, Cameron released another incarnation of her famous program, aimed at Active Adults: “It’s Never Too Late To Begin Again,” which enables people over 50 to accept the changes in their lives and to CREATE the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of.

We’ve said it before: retirement rarely “looks like the brochure.” Throughout our lives, we work, we raise our children, we attend meetings, we volunteer, and our lives are too scheduled for us to feel bored, or to question what’s next. After we retire, the free time we once dreamed about can be overwhelming and intimidating. There’s SO MUCH of it!

In “Never Too Late,” Cameron reintroduces concepts that enable Active Adults to identify what excites them, and helps them realize their goals through a variety of activities, the most important of which is…

Listening to oneself. Rather than paying attention to all of the “static” about what we should be doing (or shouldn’t), we learn to listen to what inspires us. Is it a hobby that we pursued as a child or young adult, and abandoned when the rest of life’s responsibilities took all of our time? Drawing, painting, singing, acting, and more, are among the creative outlets folks might explore. But just because something is “traditionally” creative doesn’t mean that’s what we should do. If art isn’t your thing, and golf doesn’t make you feel excited, how about kayaking? Or hiking? Or archaeology?

Doing something is better than talking about it when it’s over. “Never Too Late” student Linda recently shared that the joy of being alive is “in the -ing, not the -ed,” meaning, we prefer to be doing something, rather than having completed it. (Because then we have to think about what’s next).

Of course, the joy of being a part of the Windsong family of homeowners is in having made the choices for your home, then having the opportunity to live within those beautiful surroundings every day. Design choices include flooring styles and paint finishes, countertops, appliances, light fixtures, and more. But within those spaces, we continue creat-ing our lives. Having the comfortable, flexible space to do so is what makes being an Active Adult so enjoyable!

Welcome to  – Where Life’s A Breeze!

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