Boomers Benefit From Writing Letters… By Hand!

In this world of electronic techno-everything, it is heartening to know that some folks recognize the importance of pursuing such time honored traditions as writing letters… by hand, with pen and paper. It’s even more exciting when science steps in and tells us that such habits are actually good for our health, mentally and emotionally. (The jury is still out on whether letter-writing is actually good for our physical health).

Drawing from research published about the switch from traditional post to email, it comes as no surprise that our current electronic addiction contributes greatly to our distracted, multi-tasking lifestyle.

In other words, if you want to slow down, pick up a pen!

Improve memory and cognitive function

Believe it or not, writing by hand can be beneficial to the brain. Studies reveal a link between brain development and improved neural activity, and writing things down on paper. Combining visual, motor, and cognitive skills in the task is believed to enhance the number of ways in which the brain processes the information, allowing for more ways to retrieve it as well.

Improved Creativity

Creativity isn’t frivolous. There’s a reason why lifelong learning centers have seen an increase in the number of active adults taking classes such as painting, drawing, sewing, welding, woodworking, and more. Writing falls under the creative heading, as well. People who write by hand tend to report that they are more creative, not only in their classes, but also in their approach to daily tasks.

Improved Concentration and Lower Stress

Because writing by hand requires focusing on a single task, letter-writing has been linked to lowered stress, which also may play a role in improved cardiovascular health.

On a side note, since the early 2000s, medical professionals have been tracking their patients’ handwriting to diagnose and monitor the progression of a variety of diseases, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, even heart disease.

Because writing letters is better when you have a comfortable, well-lit place to carry out your task, Windsong homeowners have plenty of opportunities to pursue the tradition. An attractive desk makes a fine addition to a home office or den, where writing implements can be kept in easy reach. Spacious kitchen counters beneath a plethora of lighting options are perfect for penning a postcard – or grocery list. And the courtyard provides enough inspiration to write a multi-page letter to a faraway friend or family member.

Welcome to Windsong – Where Life’s A Breeze!

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