Active Adults Wax Poetic About Resolutions

Girl Scouts on every cornerA place to unwind
selling cookies (calories and fat)
How can I stick to my resolutions
when a friendly smile is selling that?

The weather is awfully chilly
(the sunshine is so deceiving).
I should be outside walking
but my house is cozy- I’m not leaving!

Clearing clutter should be easy
Storage is ample in my home
Displaying things that “bring me joy”
From memorabilia to favorite tomes.

The sunlight streaming inside
through the windows all around
Lift my spirits during the winter
What a wonderful place I’ve found!

As for sticking to my diet
Well, I’ll change the terminology
I’ll “enjoy a home-cooked meal”
in a kitchen designed just for me!

Wide sidewalks outside are calling
Maybe I’ll stroll to get the mail
Then a neighbor waves, and says hello
A conversational reveille.

It’s just the first of February
surely my resolve’s intact
Now my new, friendly neighbors
and I make a solemn pact.

We don’t just share a neighborhood
Separate lives with common threads
That’s what’s great about our community
By similar experiences we were led.

We all want something beautiful
And the house is just the start
Windsong creates communities
That are living works of art.

From thoughtfully designed homes
With great storage, light, and style
To clubhouse, sidewalks and courtyards
Where we stop and visit a while.

When you’re ready for rightsizing
Our homeowners will agree
You’ll feel at home and welcome
At Windsong – Where Life’s A Breeze!

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