Windsong Life Is Nice – A Boomer Poem

based on Wouldn’t It Be Nice, by the Beach Boys, Sept. 1966


Don’t you think it’s nice now that we’re olderSenior Couple

We greet each day just like when we were young;

And don’t you think it’s nice to live together

In our fabulous new Windsong homes.


You know our lives are going to be so much better

In the community we’ve built together!


I think it is so great each day to wake up

To my courtyard when the day is new.

Knowing that I and my Windsong neighbors

Have so many things planned that we can do.


Lace up our sneakers, we go walking

With friends and neighbors each day we are talking.

Don’t you think it’s nice!


Once I thought and wished and hoped and dreamed for a home just like this

Single-story with the features that I wanted; Wow, I got my wish!

So glad to live here

Where everything’s so near

This is really nice.


Now you’ve read and heard me talk about it

I don’t know how I ever lived without it.

If you’ve ever thought about it…

I’m telling you it’s nice!


Welcome to WindsongWhere Life’s A Breeze!


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