“Sandwich” Survival For Active Adults


Active Adults – the Baby Boomer generation – will go down in history as the most innovative generation, developing improvements for meal preparation to travel, fashion, music, health, and more.


They also have a label for each innovation, and caring for aging parents while also raising children has become known as the Sandwich Generation, among members of this group.


Stressful? Sure. But remember, this is the generation that first used the microwave oven, owned personal computers, and had seatbelts in automobiles, so of course its members understand meeting and overcoming challenges.


Caregiver challenges are no exception. Recommendations include:


Create A Schedule containing all of Mom’s or Dad’s appointments, including medical, personal care (hair, dental, vision, etc.), shopping, and social events.


Ask For/Accept Help from siblings, grown children, family members or friends.


Share Information, posting the calendar on a members-only online message board. Also, following important appointments, share any information regarding diagnoses, medications, care needs, and more, so that all family members hear about it first-hand, reducing the chance of one member feeling slighted.


Hire An Expert to stay with your parent or loved one while you allow yourself a break. Making your own health and well-being a priority makes you a better caregiver, mentally and physically.


Know You’re Not Alone. While it may be difficult to schedule time to attend a caregiver support meeting, several online communities have formed, enabling Sandwich Generation caregivers to interact with and support one another:


Lotsa Helping Hands.com includes message boards and other online support services specifically for caregivers.


Caregiver’s Survival Network (www.Caregivers.com) hosts articles, online journals, book recommendations, and links to help caregivers handle their unique situations.


 (www.caregivingclub.com/me-time-monday ) features weekly videos and information sheets designed to reduce stress and offer timely information for caregivers.


Windsong communities are conveniently located within close proximity to travel routes, medical facilities, dining and shopping opportunities, and more. We also pay close attention to the communities in which active adults want to live, to be close to adult children and grandchildren, and have facilities available for aging parents. Windsong is in the heart of where Active Adults want to live!


Welcome to Windsong – Where Life’s A Breeze!

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