Active Adults Know: The Sidewalk Leads To Friends

sidewalk ends

A Poem, based on “Where The Sidewalk Ends,” by Shel Silverstein

There is a place where the sidewalk leads to friends

Where a new chapter of life begins,

And there the grass is cut to the perfect height,

And there the sun shines through windows bright,

And courtyards are perfect both day and night

As are each of the rooms within.


Let us live in this place where the neighbors wave

And greet each other, as if old friends.

Where rooms are spacious and open wide,

Where folks are filled with a sense of pride,

Where happy homeowners reside.

That place where the sidewalk never ends.


Each homeowner is happy, in their luxury home.

They’re each living the lives that were once just dreams.

Lives rich with hobbies, family, and a freedom to roam.

Welcome home to Windsong, Where Life Is A Breeze!


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