Boomers Fill Volunteer Gaps In Grandkids’ Schools


If you’ve been shopping recently, you’ll have noticed the plethora of Back To School supplies, reminding kids and parents that August 1 is just around the corner.

For Baby Boomers who have relocated or “right-sized” their homes in order to spend more time with their grandchildren, Back To School time provides the perfect opportunity to do just that!

With large class sizes for teachers, and fewer paid teaching assistant positions, schools rely on volunteers to assist with a variety of tasks that help their students learn. Since many students live in homes where both parents work full-time, traditional classroom volunteers may be hard to come by, especially during regular school hours.

Grandparent Volunteer Opportunities

  • Guest Readers – in Kindergarten through 3rd Grade, students must achieve minimum reading level requirements. Many students require one-on-one or small group assistance to master their reading skills, and students around the country have benefited from grandparent readers in the classroom.
  • PTA/PTSA – more than a decade ago, many Parent-Teacher-Student Associations recognized the benefit of an expanded community support system, and opened up enrollment opportunities to include grandparents and other extended-family members.
  • Guest “Lecturer” – for those who remember “career day,” guest lecturers provide students with a unique glimpse of a career or experience, such as military service, travel, etc.
  • Tutors – knowledge of science, math, reading, or other subjects can go a long way toward assisting students who struggle in these subjects to pass grade requirements. Some training may be required to ensure consistency with current teaching methods.
  • Mentors – grandparent volunteers call upon their own careers and life experiences to assist with educational program requirements. In Cherokee County, for example, community volunteers serve as facilitators or mentors in the Senior Project program, in which students design and create a year-long project as a graduation requirement.

Grandparent involvement in schools provide benefits for students in the form of improved test scores, increased confidence levels, and better communication and relationship-building techniques. Cross-generation interaction also benefits Baby Boomers, who strengthen the grandchild-grandparent bond, as well potentially influence the next generation of community leaders.

While Boomers have very unique reasons for relocating or “right-sizing,” Windsong recognizes the “magnetic pull” grandchildren have on our homeowners. Each Windsong community is located close to the neighborhoods where families reside, and the schools and activity centers grandchildren attend, to make it easy for grandparents to maintain healthy family relationships.

Welcome to Windsong – Where Life’s A Breeze!

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