“Cool” Tips For Active Adults


It might not feel so this week, but the heat of a Georgia summer is just around the corner. Since keeping cool is a hot topic in the South, we’ve compiled some timely tips to stay healthy and comfortable without sacrificing the “active” part of active adulthood:

Stay Hydrated

Health experts recommend adults of average weight and activity level consume 8 glasses per day of water or unsweetened fruit juice in order to avoid health risks associated with dehydration.

Caffeinated beverages and alcohol can cause dehydration, so they should not be consumed when you’re thirsty. Minimize intake of caffeine and alcohol during the heat of the day.

Dress Appropriately

Cotton is the most “breathable” natural fiber available, and is among the most recommended fabrics for summer clothing.

Choose light-colored, loose-fitting clothing to stay cool. If you plan to engage in outdoor activities, add a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses to your wardrobe.

Wear Sunblock

Harmful UV-A and UV-B rays from the sun can penetrate clothing and cause damage to skin. Long-term exposure increases risk for skin cancers, discoloration, and more.

Choose a sunblock of at least SPF-30. Follow manufacturer directions for recommendations about how often you need to reapply during outdoor activities for maximum protection.

Plan Activities

Health experts recommend avoiding outdoor activities during the hottest part of the day (mid-day). Instead, plan to garden, exercise, etc., in the morning or evening, when temperature, humidity, and direct sun exposure pose less risk.

Manage Temperature

For maximum comfort, set your air conditioner temperature for a maximum of 85 degrees. For peak efficiency, check your appliance manufacturer’s recommendations for minimum settings, as well.

Know Heat Stroke Symptoms

Flushed skin, high body temperature, headache, nausea, rapid pulse, dizziness, and confusion are all signs of heat stroke.

If you experience any of these symptoms following outdoor activity (or any activity that takes place in the heat), call your doctor.

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