Baby Boomers & Spring Bloomers

Windsong Courtyard Living


Ah, north Georgia in the Spring

It’s a rather short-lived thing

Chilly nights and longer days

Flowers bloom under the sun’s rays

We dodged a winter filled with snow

Now the yellow pollens blow

Coating everything in sight

In a dusty yellow blight.


But Windsong folks will not be slowed

Or kept from enjoying their abode

They walk each elegant neighborhood

Enjoying their Active Adulthood

Joyful on their fitness march

Greeting folks on a neighbor’s porch

Stopping for some conversation

About their newfound permanent vacation.


About their homes they worry not

Because they know the quality they’ve got

Their builders have taken such great care

To provide the homes they live in there

Windsong sets a lofty bar

In quality and excellence, they are stars

Paying attention to each detail

Every swath of roof, every tiny nail.


For more than a decade they’ve provided

Homes in which Boomers are delighted

To celebrate their next exciting chapter

And live happily ever after

When searching for a “right-size” home

Boomers know just where to come

To find the best communities

Welcome to WindsongWhere Life’s A Breeze!


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