Why Boomers Love Windsong! Adapted from “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” by Dr. Seuss (1957)

A Toast to GratitudeEvery Boomer at Windsong liked their homes a lot

But those who had not right-sized most certainly did not!

They hemmed and they hawed, each one had their reason:

“Don’t know what I want,” “It’s not the right season!”

Then into the sales office at Windsong they strolled,

They toured through the model and reported, “We’re sold!”


The salesperson asked them which features were best.

“We love it all!” they said. “We’ve found our new nest!”

The Boomers, they stared at the community map

Any “available” homesites their fingers did tap.

“Would you like to live here? This homesite looks good.”

“Indeed, it does, but we’d like to back up to the woods.”


Back and forth with the salesperson, the Boomers did chat.

Great features in this site, but also with that…

Finally they found a homesite just divine,

And they inked their names on the signature line.


Next, they met with the team to learn about construction

And to learn about where their home fit in production.

At Windsong, each home gets personalized attention

Which helps alleviate each homebuyer’s apprehension.

The Boomers asked about all from roof to foundation,

And they could hardly contain their extreme jubilation.

Next they met with Amy to choose options and such;

Some folks choose a lot; others, not so much.

From counters and cabinets and lighting and floors,

To bumped-out bay windows and styles of doors.

When they finished they felt they had custom-designed

A home being built with their needs in mind!


They stop in and visit before they even move in

And meet lots of new neighbors with whom they just fit in.

They hear about Bunco and book club and such,

Homeowner-planned activities they look forward to so much.

With sidewalks for walking, and front porches wide,

And private courtyards built into the side,

The Boomers were thrilled with the home that they chose!

Especially the yardwork (because someone else mows!)


Boomers love to share with others the opportunity

To find a home in the right community!

That’s why we can say, when we hand them the keys,

“Welcome To Windsong Where Life’s A Breeze!

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