Holiday Hydration for Active Adults



The 2015 Holiday Season has officially begun, and with it, our attention to diet, exercise, and overall health.

Even if we over-indulge in sweets and party schedules, (and under-indulge in vegetables, sleep, and exercise!), one thing Active Adults need to pay attention to is drinking enough water.

Medical professionals suggest that men require at least 13 cups of liquid per day, while adult women require nine cups, for adults whose activity levels and intake of salts and sugary foods are within normal limits.

That being said, the holidays tend to find us consuming foods we don’t normally eat, and often in higher quantities than usual (we rarely measure portion sizes when making several trips to the buffet). And, although they are technically “liquid,” alcoholic beverages tend to dehydrate us, rather than add to our daily intake. Salty foods, sugary treats, over-scheduling events, and other holiday-related activities increase our risk of dehydration.

Ideal hydration means drinking enough so you rarely feel thirsty. (Feeling thirsty means we have not been proactive in our fluid consumption!) Mild thirst is the first sign of dehydration. Other symptoms include:





Muscle Weakness

Dry Mouth

Lack of need to urinate often

As we get older, our bodies retain less fluid necessary for body functions (which explains loss of skin elasticity, etc). Active adults also tend to consume less water because our bodies process the sense of thirst less effectively than when we were younger.

Proper hydration is essential to healthy function, and helps us ward off illness, and so much more. To stay properly hydrated, take the following steps:

Drink water (or an unsweetened, decaffeinated beverage) before and after exercise (and drink water during exercise)

Drink a glass of water upon waking in the morning, then one with each meal and between meals

Choose water or a sparkling (non-alcoholic) beverage to enjoy during parties and gatherings

The holiday season is a time when Windsong homeowners enjoy getting to know their neighbors, with social events, shopping excursions, or planned outings to performances at local theaters. In every group, there is at least one who is vigilant about health and safety… perhaps they can make sure everyone stays healthy and hydrated for the holidays!

Welcome to Windsong ~ Where Life’s A Breeze!

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