A Boomer Thanksgiving at Windsong

 inspired by The Garden of Proserpine, by Algernon Charles Swinburne

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Here at home, the world is quiet;

Until the Thanksgiving crowd arrives

‘Tis a shame to utter ‘diet’

Amid turkey, side dishes, and pies;

I sit in the courtyard knowing

In spring my flowers will be growing

Where now autumn winds are blowing

And we’ve decided to live our lives.


Inside I hear laughter and greetings,

As friends and family file inside;

I head in for joyful meetings

And to act as our home’s tour guide.

Here’s the study, room for guests,

Open floor plan – it’s the best!

Family room, kitchen, and the rest!

And the hallway, open wide.


From the porch we greet our neighbors,

As they walk, we say hello;

No more yard work to labor,

Gives time for new friendships to grow.

In the oven, turkey sizzles,

Over cake the frosting drizzles,

We’ve a houseful of guests, I whistle,

To make a toast to those we know.


All the leaves are in the table

As our loved ones gather to eat;

In our home we’re thrilled we’re able

To host a group this size – a treat!

Pass the dishes, take a sample,

Our new dining space is ample

For a crowd this size to handle,

Everyone in a comfortable seat!


After dinner and dessert

Too much food to be believed.

We laughed so much our bellies hurt,

We’ve room to spread out – so relieved!

Can’t think of a place we would rather,

Have our friends and family gather.
Our “happily ever after”

At Windsong Where Life’s A Breeze!

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