The Haven ~ a not-so-scary poem inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven,” in honor of Halloween

happy-halloweenOnce upon a midnight dreary, I sat and pondered, weak and weary,

Over many a dull and laborious volume of endless chores -

While as I nodded, nearly asleep, suddenly into my brain did creep

A thought that home should be less stressful, with neighbors like me living next-door.

“’Tis a dream,” I muttered, “teasing me as I start to snore.

Only this, and nothing more.”

Ah, distinctly I remember, it was early fall – almost November;

And each separate leaf on every tree fell and gathered by my door.

Eagerly I wished, for goodness sake, I’d never have to lift a rake

To swish those leaves – my back to break, away from my back door -

For the rare and radiant autumn hues, did I foolishly ignore

Fell ceaselessly, for evermore.


I wrung my hands, my thoughts of leaves, and roamed around the house

This place where we had raised our kids, now too big for me and my spouse;

The dinner parties we declined, the retirement ease for which I pined.

Memories flooded as I looked around; each nook and corner, the outside ground,

But not tied to the house, I found; wherever I live is where they are found!

And an idea thrilled me to the core…


I’d seen some homes during a recent drive, where folks like me had fun and thrived;

With a porch out front, courtyard on the side; we drove through the gate, and both grinned wide.

The landscape was immaculate, no lawnmowers or yard rakes were in sight!

We drove through the neighborhood, felt the allure; stopped at the model and took a tour.

Everything we saw made us love it more, from the natural light and the wide front door.

Did we belong here? Yes – for sure!

Home designs well-planned and expertly constructed, lawns and shrubs all maintained;

We spoke to other folks who lived there – a Luxury Lifestyle they’d attained!

Active Adults – or “Boomers” – much to our delight, are who these places are designed for.

We made the decision to “right-size” that day, with a home and community we adore.

“Welcome to Windsong!” is what they said, as they handed us keys to our new front door.

“Where Life’s A Breeze – for evermore!”

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