CHEERS! To the Active Adult Lifestyle

DesignCenter_GO_Glasses_FilterOn the last Thursday evening in 1982, television viewers were introduced to a cast of characters in a Boston bar called Cheers! the appeal of which was the community atmosphere where, according to the catchy theme song, “Everybody knows your name.”

The appeal of familiar people and surroundings has not been lost on our generation. Baby Boomers may have experienced multiple relocations, thanks to military service, career, or simply a change of scenery, but one constant is our yearning for a sense of community.

As our generation has reached retirement – or at least begun to think about the next phase of our lives, new concepts such as “Live-Work-Play” and
Walkable Communities” have come into vogue. We’ve embraced concepts such as feng shui, and given rise to terms such as “age-in-place” and “downsizing,” as well as occupations such as professional organizers and estate sale planners.

The fact is, while bigger was better when we were raising our families, now we’re looking to simplify, to slow down, to have a home that reflects our carefree lifestyle, and to forge friendships with the neighbors who share our sensibilities.

At Windsong, we are proud of the homes we build, with features that allow homeowners to “downsize” without sacrificing luxuries like a gourmet kitchen, lots of natural light, outdoor living spaces, tons of storage, and ample room for guests and entertaining.

But one of the qualities for which we are best known is building a sense of community. Folks who live in a Windsong community are involved, they know their neighbors, they develop a sense of camaraderie early on, and they embrace the “active” part of being an Active Adult.

While the clubhouse serves as the hub of activity, every bit of a Windsong home and neighborhood offers an opportunity to enhance the sense of community: front porches that overlook the sidewalks where neighbors stroll or power- walk, courtyards perfect for hosting a barbecue or garden club meeting, and living spaces that combine entertaining and meal preparation so that the host or hostess is always included in the fun.

We don’t have a bartender or a catchy piano tune to introduce us, but we certainly have taken our cue and created a place where everybody knows your name!

Welcome home to Windsong, Where Life’s A Breeze!

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