Welcome Home for the Holidays!

‘Twas the middle of December
and the holidays loomed
Candles did flicker,
Poinsettias bloomed;

The weather was sunny
(until it was not)
One morning was cold,
the next it was hot.

Shoppers did bustle
as they checked off their lists,
The gifts that they planned
(with some unexpected twists).

After shopping and parties
to celebrate each fest,
all they wanted each evening
was to go home and rest.

That’s when they counted blessings
for the homes they had bought
In communities that provided
the solace they sought.

Wide front porches for greeting
friends and neighbors each day,
and a bright, private courtyard
for relaxing and play.

In their well-appointed kitchen
they entertain, cook, and eat;
and they sleep well at night
in a luxurious master suite.

Large windows in daytime
provide natural light,
and great viewing of stars
when they twinkle at night.

They prop their feet up
to warm by the fire,
and look around happily
at the home they desired.

Perfect placement for candles
or for fresh Christmas trees.
Happy Holidays from Windsong-
Where Life’s A Breeze!

Written by Local Woodstock Author, Beth Hermes.

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