Redefining Retirement with “Encore Careers”

Until the 1990s, only a small portion of the workforce included people over the age of 55. Since 1993, the “retirement age” has crept upward, and 2012 statistics report 41% of working adults are over age 60.

The Great Recession’s effect on portfolios aside, a growing number of Active Adults choose to remain employed, even though they are financially able to retire. A recent poll in the Huffington Post revealed that 1 in 4 Baby Boomers say they will never retire, in part because they enjoy feeling productive and interacting with people..

Active Adults are in demand by non-profit organizations, who recognize the benefit of a lifetime of skills and life experiences, according to a report in USA Today. Non-profit pay may not be top-rung, but organizations offer other benefits such as flexible schedules that appeal to these non-standard workers. Workers over the age of 55 make up 18.5% of the workforce in the community and social services sector.

Flexible schedules also contribute to the popularity of entrepreneurship among this segment of the population. More than half of working Baby Boomers start their own businesses – and only 23% of those are doing so because they lost their jobs. Three-quarters of Boomer Entrepreneurs say they started their own businesses so they could do something they love – and maintain flexibility in their work schedules – regardless of whether it contributes in any significant way to their incomes.

A survey by Forbes Magazine suggests that part of the reason Boomers continue to work is that this generation has redefined what we consider “old.” A generation ago, society viewed individuals in their 60s as “old” (remember the Beatles song, “When I’m 64”?). Today, however, people in their 60s define themselves as “middle aged” – and their health and lifestyle choices reflect this viewpoint.

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