Back To School for Boomers

If you have grandchildren here in Georgia, chances are that they are either back in school already, or will be by mid-August.

That’s good news for Baby Boomers, because parks, shopping venues, restaurants, even museums and the lake are more accessible and more enjoyable for you to stake your claim.

If you’re a recent empty-nester, it may be that you feel a bit untethered, watching the back-to-school ads on television and the big yellow buses rumble down your street. So let’s take a moment to visit the reasons to be grateful for this new untethered stage of life at Windsong Properties:

  • Vacation rentals at the beach are less expensive and more available – and will become more so in the coming weeks – now that families are focused on study and schedules rather than impromptu getaways or long weekends at the shore. And you can rest assured that your home will be as inviting and well-maintained when you return as it was when you left.
  • Parents of school-age children have now spent the equivalent of a five-star vacation on back-to-school supplies and wardrobes for Junior, while you can earmark savings for new pillows or artwork to give a face lift to a room for the upcoming change of seasons.
  • Many parents have lost their “summer landscapers,” as they sent their lawnmower-wielding teens back to the classroom. You, on the other hand, reside in a luxury ranch home where the landscaping is maintained by professionals all year long.
  • Those buses we mentioned earlier? They may rumble past your neighborhood, but the flashing lights won’t be stopping in a community where the term Active Adult does not include chasing a school bus with a forgotten lunchbox.
  • Your grandchildren may have plans to meet up with their friends at the locker or in the lunchroom, while you and your friends have been gathering in private courtyards, breezy front porches, or at the community clubhouse all summer long.
  • And students may groan when they receive their school year reading list, but you have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the latest bestsellers – or revisit your favorite classics – without having to take a test at the end!

You see, every Windsong community is designed to take the best parts of your school days: socializing, pursuing self-enrichment activities, and being inspired by your surroundings – and making them the building blocks of your everyday lifestyle.

Welcome home to Windsong – Where Life’s A Breeze!

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