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As appealing as the idea is, making the move to downsize is often harder than it sounds.So how does one begin the process of downsizing? The following are tips from downsizing experts and professional organizers to help you make decisions about everything from furniture to extra bedrooms:

  • Remind yourself of the reasons you want to move.
    Whatever your reason, print it and post it in a variety of places throughout your current home to help you feel more excited and less anxious about your move.
  • Move out of parts of your house.
    Close the doors to the guest room, kids’ rooms, dining room – those that you only use once in awhile. If a room (or rooms) go unused for long periods of time, chances are you won’t miss the space in the new house.
  • Figure out what you really need and use.
    TinyHomes blogger Brittany Yunker suggests labeling the items you use daily, weekly, or throughout the month. At the end of the time period, you will clearly see which items you use regularly, and can more easily assess which of the unused items you can live without.
  • “Shop” your current house with the new floor plan in mind.
    Place the furniture that you want to keep from your current house, and determine if it fits within the image you have for your new home.
  • Compare Quality vs. Quantity
    Architect Sarah Susanka, author of The Not So Big House, emphasizes “beauty, comfort, and a high level of detail” as the keys to a successful downsizing move. While having an extra bedroom is nice, perhaps it would make more sense to create a dual-purpose room: a bedroom for occasional guests, but a home office or hobby room the rest of the year.
  • Remember Abundance
    Abundance doesn’t mean “more stuff.” In fact, the opposite is true, according to professional organizer Sara Fisher, founder of A Simple Space, in Atlanta. Removing clutter, creating organization solutions, and keeping only the items that suit one’s personality and lifestyle leaves more time for things that truly matter.

Windsong communities feature a variety of home sizes and styles to appeal to the needs of each individual. And we specialize in creating flexible spaces: a home-office that doubles as a guest room, a kitchen that opens to the family room for seamless entertaining, and outdoor space that serves as a private oasis as well as an outdoor dining and entertainment area.

Welcome home to Windsong – Where Life’s A Breeze!

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