Boomers & Boxes – Assess Your Self-Storage Needs

January is “Get Organized Month” – perfect timing, since it’s when most of us are sorting through clothes we don’t need, putting away (and purging) holiday decorations, and getting ready for Spring.

Did you know that there are 2.3 BILLION square feet of storage space for rent “under roof” (that doesn’t include outdoor space, for RVs, boats, and the like), which is more than 3 times the size of Manhattan?! Since many of us have moved, and perhaps “down-sized,” it’s likely that we’ve rented a storage unit for some of our less frequently used items.

Sara Fisher is a Metro Atlanta-based Certified Professional Organizer, and founder of A Simple Space, LLC. She suggests that National Organizing Month is the perfect time to assess your storage needs in order to simplify your life, clear out unnecessary clutter, and possibly save money in the process.

She recommends tracking how much it costs you to store items in a self storage facility. “Once you track how much money it is costing you to store items, make a list of three things that you would be able to do with that money each month” if you were not renting the storage unit, she says.

Sara also suggests having a PLAN for dealing with possessions during a move or transition, and distributing items into four piles: Keep, Donate, Give to Family Members, and Trash, and reminds her clients to have PATIENCE when dealing with family members. “They would love to keep everything: their first pass at purging will need to be revisited,” she says.

A great space-saving option is to make DVDs of photographs, rather than continuing to haul boxes of old pictures. And DONATING items to Goodwill, the Salvation Army, or even museums or schools for specialty items, is an alternative to storing unused – but still valuable – items.

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