January Kicks Off Garden Season!

Container gardens or traditional in-the-ground gardens, edibles or ornamentals, trees and shrubs or flowers and vines. The weather outside may be frightful, but the daily mail delivery offers treasures to set the hearts of avid gardeners aflutter.

I’m talking about seed and gardening catalogs.

It seems appropriate that they arrive during the coldest month of the year, the month of thirty-one of what seem like the longest days of the year, when the ground is frozen, the trees are barren, and the local nurseries have locked the doors on their greenhouses and gone into hibernation.

While our grandchildren may have prepared for December by poring through toy store circulars and marking wished-for items on their smart tablets, January heralds the arrival of our favorite things: pages upon pages of nature’s bounty, with descriptions that can almost thaw the chilliest of days and remind us that springtime lies just ahead.

Brightly colored photographs of lush foliage, mouthwatering vegetables, and flowers in every color of the rainbow prompt a quick inventory of every container, pot, basket, and bed that might benefit from the dahlias on page forty-three, or the sweet potato vine on page sixteen. Order now and receive two strawberry plants for the price of one? Sign me up!

With a nose buried in the pages of the January seed catalogs, one can almost smell the sweet basil and wisteria, feel the waxy leaves of a gardenia bush, and see the brightly colored monarch butterflies and hummingbirds gathering nectar from the brilliant blooms of hibiscus.

Private courtyards and wide front porches provide the perfect setting for outdoor enthusiasts to continue a lifelong passion or to nurture a new hobby, particularly in Georgia, where the growing season spans most of the year and allows for a wide array of plants to grace a single corner or to create an entire “garden room.”

Each Windsong community is created to encourage a luxury, carefree lifestyle, indoors and out. Walkable streets with wide sidewalks provide plenty of opportunity to admire a neighbor’s patio garden, to discuss new varieties of plants, and to swap clippings – and fresh-picked vegetables!

If you just can’t wait for planting season, make plans to visit the country’s largest daffodil display at Gibbs Gardens in North Cherokee County, beginning in March. Www.gibbsgardens.com. The 300-acre site opened in March, 2012, and is a convenient, scenic drive from every Windsong neighborhood. The photo is courtesy of Gibbs Gardens!

Home designs that feature outdoor living spaces ripe for gardening are just one of the many reasons why people love their homes at Windsong – Where Life’s A Breeze!

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