Driver’s License Renewal for Boomers & Seniors

When your birthday rolls around each year, you may look forward to well-wishes from loved ones, gifts, perhaps even a party thrown in your honor. And every few years, you may also receive a reminder to renew your driver’s license.

While we have been driving long enough to be familiar with the rules of the road, health or vision changes may result in license restrictions or a re-test.

Anyone over the age of 64 renewing their license in Georgia is asked to take a Vision Test, which would be taken with the driver wearing any corrective lenses, if applicable. Depending upon certain medical conditions, drivers may also be asked for a medical report stating that they are healthy and fit enough to continue to drive. Medical history reports must be performed in Georgia, by a licensed Georgia physician, within 12 months of the license renewal date.

A deficient driving record, certain health issues, vision problems, or other concerns, may prompt a request for a driving re-evaluation test. The request may come from the driver, a physician or caregiver, or a family member, or it may be prompted by a legal record which has resulted in a significant number of incidents involving auto accidents or hazardous driving.

Although not many drivers take advantage of the opportunity, most insurance companies offer discounts to drivers who participate in driver education “refresher courses,” which usually includes a few hours of classroom instruction and a written test.

Driving is a privilege associated with independence, and being faced with the risk of losing one’s license due to vision or other health problems is stressful. Sandwich Generation Boomers may also be faced with senior parents or siblings who are no longer able to drive, or who may require driving restrictions for safety reasons. An evaluation by a professional driving instructor whose specialty includes working with senior adults may be able to offer suggestions in regard to having that conversation with the senior driver.

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