“Immortality” and the Baby Boomer Generation

Pssst… did you know that the secret to immortality has been discovered, and that every single person possesses the ability right now?

Well, the “secret” is out, thanks to a new contest hosted by The Huffington Post/50 and AARP Magazine. The magazine giants have joined forces to co-sponsor a Memoir Contest for folks age 50 and up. Official memoir contest rules are here!

Writing memoir is nothing new, but like retirement, genealogy, fitness, and other trends, writing one’s memoir has evolved under the influence of the Baby Boomer generation.

Perhaps one major influence in the change is the society in which family members move around the country (and perhaps even around the world), allowing for fewer opportunities tell the stories that at one time preserved a family’s history.

Individuals often feel overwhelmed when contemplating writing their memoir, because there is often confusion about the “rules.” The important thing to remember is that there are not hard-and-fast “rules” to writing memoir; telling stories and preserving the family is an experience that is as unique as each member of each family.

In a recent memoir-writing workshop, one student brought in recipes she prepared with her grandmother, mother, and aunts, to celebrate different holidays. Because the women shared stories and passed along traditions while they prepared each meal, the recipe memoir represented a continuation of the family history with grandchildren who lived far away.

Another participant made a “magazine” format memoir of his time spent in military service as a pilot. He scanned old photographs, medals, and other memorabilia and wrote about the circumstances related to each. He was able to print enough copies to share with his children and grandchildren at a family reunion.

Memoir does more than simply tell a story; it preserves a family’s heritage.

Jerry Waxler, author of Memoir Revolution, suggests that memoir provides “insight into cultural mixing, the melting pot of modernity,” and allows current and future generation glimpses into another’s point of view that may be vastly different from that of one’s own experience.

The best part is that writing a memoir requires only enough space to sit with a notebook and pen, a voice recorder, or a laptop – and any “research material” which inspires the writer.

Homes in each Windsong community are designed with flexible space that allows homeowners to pursue special interests, such as organizing photographs, sorting through old documents, and recording one’s personal or family history. Memoir-writing space may be as little as a laptop in a bright sunroom, or an entire library in the home office or casita.

Whatever your style, you can rest assured that your Windsong home is the perfect place to relax and recall your fondest memories, and record them for your family’s enjoyment.

Welcome Home to Windsong – Where Life’s A Breeze!

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