Healthy, Happy Holidays

Windsong communities shine all year long, but something about the holiday season brings out the kid in all of us. With lights and pine boughs, ribbons, music – and food! – it’s easy to get so “wrapped up” in the festivities that we let our healthy habits dash away like one of Santa’s reindeer.

To fully enjoy the holidays, it’s helpful to remember to relax and remember that paying attention to our own health and wellness needs to be our first priority, which will better enable us to deal with delicious treats (in moderation, of course), changes in our schedules, and the stress of trying to be in twenty places at once.

Although we’re stretched to the limits, stretching our bodies – and perhaps taking a brisk walk – will help us better deal with stress and protect our immune systems. Although eating foods we don’t normally eat during the holidays may contribute to holiday weight gain, dropping a regular exercise regimen doesn’t help, either. Schedule five minutes for stretching or meditation, and a brisk five- or ten-minute walk once or twice a day. (Hint: park farthest away from the mall, and your workout becomes part of your holiday errands!)

Go ahead and have a sip of holiday punch and a nibble of some of the more delectable treats at the buffet – but balance that with small, healthy meals at home, and plenty of water to stay hydrated. When the weather outside is frightful, sometimes it is tough to remember to drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water, so add a little bit of lemon or honey to your water, or drink sparkling water (a “festive” option) to maintain proper hydration.

Your mailbox and in-box are overflowing with invitations to parties, celebrations, even fundraisers. No one will think you’re a Scrooge if you pick and choose just a few. Bouncing from one place to the next without stopping will not only increase your stress level, but you’ll risk decreasing your immune system. Send merry wishes and gratitude, but only attend those parties which will brighten your holidays.

We’ve always told our kids that Santa won’t visit unless we sleep – and then we ignore our own warnings! You were right, you know – Santa will deliver a more enjoyable holiday season if we schedule ample time for rest.

Whether you are traveling to visit friends and family, or hosting guests in your home, Windsong homeowners find that they enjoy the comfort and security of being part of a community in which they have ample space for entertaining, as well as a worry-free, maintenance-friendly home for when they travel.

Whatever your plans for the holidays, you can understand why we say every (holi)day is better at Windsong – Where Life’s A Breeze!

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