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Moving to a new community can mean major changes to your social life, whether your new home is in another state or just a few miles from where you raised your family. A book club provides a wonderful opportunity to socialize and meet new people who share your interests, and winter is a great season to start a new book club in your community.

Forming a book club simply requires a person to take the initiative to invite others, and then follow up to arrange for meeting times and “ground rules” for the group. The Internet makes finding members easy, especially if your neighborhood has a community website or Facebook page: “Join the Windsong Community Historical Readers,” “We Love A Good Mystery,” or “Wine, Women & Books” are subject lines that inform potential members about subjects covered and can help folks decide whether they want to participate.

Book Club Varieties
Book clubs are not simply rooms full of people who sit around discussing the topic of their books. One community book club, for example, features a dinner before the discussion, and the items served are tied in some way to the theme of the book.

A club may focus on a single genre, such as non-fiction biography, self-improvement, or crime fiction; or the club can include many genres, giving members the opportunity to branch out from their typical selections.

The ideal size of a book club is anywhere from eight to twenty members. Understand that not every member will attend every meeting; and if every member does attend, be sure that your accommodations are adequate and that each person has a chance to participate.

Book Selection
In some cases, the host(ess) chooses the book for the upcoming meeting; in others, several suggestions are offered and members decide by vote which to read. Still others take their selections from pre-selected book lists, such as The New York Times Bestseller list, the local library, or the local book store.

When & Where To Meet
Most book clubs meet once each month. While week days tend to work best for many clubs, find out from your members what day of the week – and time of day – works best for their schedules.

Meetings may be held in a member’s home, a community clubhouse, a private room at a restaurant, or even at the local library. (Be sure to check about food and drink guidelines if using a community room).

Windsong communities offer the perfect opportunity to start or host a book club, and members often can be found from within the neighborhood. Neighbors with similar life-stage experiences often enjoy the same genres, or find that membership in a book club provides information about authors, books, or topics to which they would not have been introduced otherwise.

Book club members will feel welcome at in-home meetings, with home designs that feature open floor plans designed to make entertaining easy and enjoyable. Members also may take advantage of the community clubhouse for their gatherings, with ample seating in the comfortably appointed gathering room.

Whether you are seeking new social opportunities, or simply enjoy discussing your favorite literature, book club opportunities are plentiful and enjoyable at Windsong – Where Life’s A Breeze!

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