Active Adults and the Pursuit of Happiness

clockSetting the clocks back an hour this past Sunday renewed the opportunity to awaken to sunlight in the morning – for early birds – which greatly affects sleep patterns, health, even mood.

While “falling back” might increase happiness by starting the day a little brighter (literally), the ISFGW (International Society for Friendship and Good Will) extends positive feelings one step further, by proclaiming November 8 – 14 “Pursuit of Happiness Week.”

Of course, “Happiness” is difficult enough to define, much less pursue. In her article, The Habits of Supremely Happy People, Kate Bratskeir (Huffington Post, September 2013) found common traits among people who consider themselves “happy.”

Happy people:

  • surround themselves with other happy people
  • smile when they mean it (“faking it” actually may worsen one’s mood)
  • celebrate accomplishments – large and small
  • appreciate simple pleasures
  • devote time to giving, and spend money on other people
  • prefer deep conversation (rather than engaging in “small talk”), and are good listeners
  • “unplug” and recharge regularly
  • engage in spiritual practice or “sacred time”
  • make exercise a priority, spend time outside, and get adequate sleep

Windsong homeowners share many of these happiness traits, and find that living in a community in which individuals share similar life experiences, and have chosen to simplify their lives with a low-maintenance, luxury home designed with their needs in mind, makes achieving happiness that much easier.

With walkable streets, wide front porches and private courtyards, Windsong communities allow homeowners to enjoy spending time outdoors, exercising, forging new friendships, and pursuing happiness.

Welcome home to Windsong – Where Life’s A Breeze!

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