Active Adults Celebrate National Sleep Comfort Month

The number of holidays and observances throughout the year is enough to make anyone lose sleep, but November is an exception, as folks adjust their pillows and crank up the white noise machines in time to celebrate National Sleep Comfort Month.

With Sunday, November 3, as the “Fall Back” day for our clocks, it’s also a good time to work on developing or tweaking habits that will encourage restful, restorative sleep that is essential to good health.

Temperature and Light

Because quality sleep is affected by both temperature and light, the National Sleep Foundation recommends keeping your room slightly cool – temperatures above 78 degrees and below 54 degrees tend to disrupt sleep, but “optimum temperature” varies from person to person.

Light is “the most profound regulator of our biological clock,” according to researchers, which may be why we tend to feel sleepier (and have more trouble waking up to the alarm clock) during the winter, when the number of daylight hours is shorter. To ensure quality sleep, experts recommend dimming the lights in the evening before bed, and minimizing brightness of lights used when you awaken during the night (don’t use the overhead light in the bathroom; opt for a subtle night light instead).


Even for the most sound sleepers, unusual noises such as a dripping sink or a neighbor’s barking dog may be enough to disrupt sleep. Creating a consistent “background noise” such as a white noise machine, fan, or air purifier, can be soothing and promote better quality of sleep.

For more tips, visit the National Sleep Foundation website at

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