Downsizing Requires Smart Organization

Whether you call it a Lifestyle Upgrade, Downsizing, or Enjoying Retirement, moving from a large family home to a home in a community in which active adults embrace a simpler, more enjoyable lifestyle often means parting with or re-purposing possessions.

Each year, the first week of October is recognized as Get Organized Week, providing an opportunity to zero-in on those annoying problem areas in your home – the catch-all hall closet, the attic, garage, and the dreaded “Junk Drawer.” Professional organizer Sara Fisher has dedicated the last decade to helping folks clear the clutter and has developed some simple tips to make staying organized easier in manageable, 20-minute time chunks:

    Li>Junk Drawer – “make it a drawer for specific office items or a tool/utility drawer. Use drawer organizers to store those rubber bands, pencils, scissors or those spare keys and batteries. Like items go with like items!”
  • Medicine Cabinet – “dispose all old & outdated items… Store the most frequently used items on shelves that are easiest to reach. And label those shelves!”
  • Utility Closet – “sort & discard old cleaning supplies and keep only the number of old towels/rags needed. Use bins and labels to contain items, and wall space for hanging brooms, dusters, mops, etc.”
  • Laundry Room – “keep the tops pf appliances clear and mount a shelf directly above the washer/dryer for storing stain treatment & detergent… Use a pull-out wall drying rack for fine washables.”
  • Linen Closet – “scale the number down and really determine what will live in the linen closet, and if possible LABEL those shelves so everyone knows where the item goes. Keep the number of towels & linens your home needs SIMPLE!”
  • Night Stands – “keep only CURRENT reads and no paperwork by the bed. Clear out & organize the drawers. Keep pens, lotion, paper on hand. And then be sure to place a nice vase of flowers on your nightstand to enjoy!”
  • Garage – “throw out all the random items that don’t belong and start categorizing into gardening, sports, car maintenance, home repair… Be thinking what items can be hung on the wall. Hang those brooms, gardening tools, beach chairs, ladders, etc.” Use sturdy shelving for storing household items.

For more tips, visit, or contact Professional Organizer Sara Fisher at 678-576-0266.

While getting organized before you move is ideal, simplifying and staying organized is easy in your Windsong home, where each home is designed to maximize usable space and minimize clutter with a plethora of storage options built every room. Your well-designed, exceptionally organized homes leaves more time for socializing, pursuing hobbies, spending time with family, and more.

Welcome home to Windsong – Where Life’s A Breeze!

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