A-MAIZE-ing Entertainment for All Ages

Fall Festivals conjure visions of long lines of white-topped tents atop booths featuring arts and crafts, local produce, jams and preserves, fresh-baked breads and more. Their arrangement may be almost labyrinthine, making it nearly impossible to navigate your way back to the parking lot, but they’ve got nothing on the corn mazes (or maizes), that dot north Georgia’s countryside each August through November.

While it may not have been the first of its kind, the Cagle’s Dairy Corn Maize is one of the earliest of these attractions. Dairy owner Scott Cagle came up with the idea in 2000, and launched his farm’s first Corn Maize in 2001 on eight acres, with a design that sported a rural barn and the Cagle’s Dairy logo etched into the rows of corn.

A year later, Chick-Fil-A sponsored the maize, which grew to 10 acres of paths cut into a pattern that resembled the sponsor’s cow mascot and logo.

More than a decade later, the Corn Maize at Cagle’s Dairy in Hickory Flat draws more than 25,000 spectators between August and November.

Although corn maizes offer a fun outdoor activity in which grandparents can participate with their grandchildren, groups of adults find they make for a fun outing as well – they aren’t just for kids!

Keeping in mind that corn maizes are an outside activity, it’s best to dress like you might for a hike: comfortable shoes (not sandals), a hat, sunscreen, and a jacket or sweater, depending on the weather.

Since the early 2000s, these attractions have been “cropping up” all over Georgia, with seven listed as operating in 2013, including Cagle’s. Others include Uncle Shucks in Dawsonville, the Corn Maze at Rock City in Lookout Mountain, Southern Belle in McDonough, the North Georgia Corn Maize in Cleveland, Washington Farms Corn Maze in Watkinsville, and Colonel Cobs Corn Maze in Oxford. (Source: AboutNorthGeorgia.com).

Windsong Communities are conveniently located within easy driving distance of all of Georgia’s corn maizes, and the Active Adults who call Windsong “home” are the perfect companions to help navigate the stalks – with or without grandkids in tow! Afterward, come home and relax on the front porch, in your private courtyard, or host a dinner party (maybe with corn on the menu?) with the neighbors in your spacious kitchen, and enjoy recounting the exploits of the day.

Welcome home to Windsong – Where Life’s A Breeze!

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