Boomers Prefer an Estate Sale When Downsizing

You’ve found the town, met with the salesperson and the builder, and decided on the style of home for your “next phase” of home ownership.

Estate Sales are great for Active Adults looking to downsizeWhile the furnishings and décor you have in your current house may include some heirloom pieces, or those that you have “just the right spot for” in your new home, a fresh start certainly has its appeal.

If you’re like many Active Adults, you’ve attended – and quite possibly held – your share of Garage Sales, and the hassle just doesn’t jive with your impending carefree lifestyle.

More and more folks are turning to professional sales teams to help clear out the clutter, distribute the detritus and pocket some extra cash, without having to deal with the organization, pricing, haggling and disbursement of “leftovers,” as part of an emerging trend toward Estate Sales.

“The old school estate sale was used to describe what happened when a person moved on to the great beyond and the heirs were left to parcel out what was left behind,” explains Charlene Tittle, co-owner of Re-Inspired, an estate sales, interior design and staging company.

Full-scale modern estate sales feature a professional team coming in to arrange and price items – everything from coats and jewelry, furniture and artwork, to half-empty bottles of dishwashing detergent. “Nothing is off limits if you choose to host a sale that way,” Tittle says.

A smaller version of the traditional estate sale is popular among folks who are relocating or down-sizing. “It is basically held in the same manner, but in this option we often use only one area of the home and condense merchandise to a smaller space,” Tittle says. “This is perfect for empty-nesters trying to rid themselves of all those years of collecting and living in a larger home, while not making the entire living space and its contents available to buyers.”

She says the process is straight-forward, beginning with a complimentary consultation to assess items and discuss pricing. The date is set, and a team is brought in to sort, price and display events that will be sold. Tittle says she recommends that owners not take part in the sorting or sale, as it is can be an exhausting, emotional experience.

“I tell people it’s a great time to schedule a day-long outing, a trip to the spa, or stay at a nearby hotel where you can plan your new, simpler life,” she says.

The team also handles items that don’t sell, but that you don’t want to keep. “After the successful sale, you have the option to choose your charitable donation organization, or we can provide a list of reputable organizations for you to choose from,” Tittle says. “Our favorite consignment shops are also available if remaining items warrant re-sale. And one of the bonuses of working with our team is we have several tried-and-true sources that we contact for you – including affordable trash pick-up!”

Unlike a traditional garage sale, professional estate sales are orchestrated by folks who have experience in home design, staging and sales, and who have a list of potential clients amassed throughout their careers. “Each of our sales average over four thousand hits on our favorite website, which advertises upcoming sales to potential buyers,” she says.

“Our estate sale business has been a source of great joy and pride as we see our clients achieve their downsizing goals easily, drama-free, and with a nice financial bonus!”

An estate sale is just the beginning of a hassle-free, enjoyable new lifestyle. Each Windsong home is created with convenience, luxury – and the needs of active adults – in mind. With walkable streets, a community clubhouse, wide front porches and private courtyards, outdoor spaces are as easy to enjoy as the elegant, energy-efficient, thoughtfully designed interiors.

Active adults love what we’re building in each community. Welcome Home to Windsong – Where Life’s A Breeze!

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