Decorating Mindfully Helps Maximize Enjoyment for Active Adults

There’s a new buzz word in town. Maybe you’ve heard it: Mindfulness.

Being mindful has come into vogue alongside trends to simplify, reduce stress and, yes – downsize. So it only makes sense to introduce the mindful approach to decorating, particularly when it has to do with moving to a new home.

Chances are, you’ve decided to “downsize” to either be closer to family or to eliminate the stress and chores that come with maintaining a larger home. Among the reasons for choosing a smaller home is likely “finding time to do the things I’ve always wanted to.”

The funny thing is, if you move everything you’ve ever owned from your previous home to your new one, all you are doing is moving your old chores and stress into new spaces.

active adult, 55+, windsong, retirement community, retire, georgia, atlanta, ranch home, new homes, cobb county, cherokee county, paulding county, downsizeDecorating Advice for Downsizers

  • Whether you are purchasing an existing home or building a new one, take photographs of the spaces and measure everything.
  • Make note of entryways, windows, and measure the heights and widths of each. Don’t forget to measure baseboards, window sills and ceilings, which could affect your decision about which piece of furniture would look best in the space.
  • Evaluate what the purpose will be for each room. Some, like the den, may serve multiple purposes (office, guest room, craft room, etc). By prioritizing a multi-purpose room (90% office, 10% guest room, for example), you will have a better sense of decorating the space.
  • Take inventory of what you already own, in terms of furniture, art, accessories and lighting. Make note of colors and textures as well.
  • Using your inventory, prioritize what means the most to you – and what you can live without.
  • Compare your amended list to the rooms in your new space to see what may work, and what needs to go.
  • Decide what you are keeping and either toss, share or donate the rest.

When living in the same space for an extended period of time, it is a natural tendency to “collect” things that might be useful – someday.

But if someday hasn’t come by the time you’re ready to move to a new home, then it’s better to let that someday item go, and save yourself the space and energy that comes with packing and moving whatever it is.

When you surround yourself only with those items that are beloved and necessary, chances are good that your hope to enjoy your time and live stress-free will become a reality.

Each Windsong active retirement community was designed to allow Boomers to find the time they’ve always yearned for to cultivate new friendships or discover new hobbies. Home designs that maximize accessibility and minimize hassles provide opportunities to decorate a new space and enjoy an active lifestyle without sacrificing style or luxury.

Welcome home to Windsong – Where Life’s A Breeze!

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