Boomer-Led Alliance Leads Workforce Changes

AARP, Alliance for an Experienced Workforce, Windsong, New Homes, Active Adult, 55+ Retirement CommunitiesBaby Boomers have created a “new normal” for everything from diet and exercise to healthcare, housing and retirement. So it should come as no surprise that members of history’s largest workforce formed an organization that serves workers of the Boomer generation, as well as professionals who are currently rising through the ranks to become tomorrow’s leaders.

A collaboration of more than 20 industry associations representing more than five million businesses, the Alliance for an Experienced Workforce is led by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the American Petroleum Institute.

The Alliance was formed in 2006 to create ways to recruit and retain workers over age 50, in an effort to avoid the anticipated “knowledge gap” – as well as the human gap – that would occur when Boomers began retiring in 2010.

Many of the results included training programs that would allow Boomers to learn or update their skills – particularly those in the rapidly changing technology arena.

But a surprising side-effect has been the changing focus of “quality of life” factors in the workforce.

Faced with the reality that individuals of retirement age would want to continue working, but allow time for travel and leisure, member companies developed solutions that have been popular with workers of all ages and skill levels. These include telecommuting, job-sharing, and flexible schedules, to name a few.

Telecommuting – allows workers to spend less time in traffic and more time working. Requirements are a computer and/or phone (the rise of reliable video conferencing methods, such as Skype, have made this an even easier workforce solution).

Employers find the option attractive because they retain highly qualified employees with reduced absenteeism, higher employee satisfaction, and reduced costs in terms of office space and equipment.

Job Sharing – a partnership between two professionals who perform a single job. The benefit to employees is improved quality of life (balance), while employers enjoy greater productivity and company loyalty.

Flexible Schedules – applicable to both full-time and part-time workers, “flex time” allows employees to choose their start and end times (usually predetermined by the employer), rather than work a traditional 9-to-5 workday, to allow for easier commutes, personal pursuits and more.

Employers find that the flexible schedules often result in happier employees and greater productivity, while employees feel empowered and respected.

Of course, Boomers are not the only workers who enjoy the benefits of these programs; professionals of all ages recognize the benefits, including improved health, relationships and opportunities to pursue avocations that were not possible with more traditional schedules.

The workplace is just one instance of Boomer-led influence. Windsong Properties was created to meet the home-buying needs of the Boomer generation, for whom “down-sizing” means simplifying one’s life without compromising style, luxury and convenience.

Each Windsong active retirement community, is designed with walkable streets and a community clubhouse to help Boomers cultivate friendships with neighbors who share similar life-stage experiences, and our home designs maximize accessibility, minimize hassles and provide opportunities to enjoy an active lifestyle.

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