Active Adults Celebrate Health & Humor

Humor is the best medicineEaster came early this year, but that doesn’t mean April is bereft of holidays and celebrations. Far from it, in fact! The entire month of April celebrates one of the happiest ways to maintain health: humor!
National Humor Month began in 1976, when comedian (of course!) Larry Wilde, the Director of the Carmel Institute of Humor (it’s not a joke – there really is such a thing!) designated the month of April to heighten public awareness on the therapeutic value of joy and laughter.

Psychologist and self-titled Joyologist Steve Wilson, whose public speaking platform touts him as an expert of “creating positive environments for business and life,” has spent years studying the healing powers of humor. As a member of the American Association for Therapeutic Humor, Wilson educates individuals and healthcare professionals about incorporating humor into daily life and into patient care, which studies show positively affects the immune system.

Studies show that laughter improves health, boosts morale, increases communication skills and enriches quality of life. In fact, Norman Cousins, author of Anatomy of An Illness, refers to laughter as “internal jogging.”

National Humor Month founder Wilde says that humor in daily life is a quicker, more effective way to alleviate stress and improve health than traditional exercise, because laughter provides immediate results, requires no special talent or physical skill, and it’s good for you! In fact, medical researchers in Maryland found that people with heart disease were 40 percent less likely to laugh in humorous situations than those in their study with healthy hearts.

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