Dating Trends for Active Adults

If it seems like everything is going digital these days, you might be right. That includes meeting people for potential relationships – which may seem counterintuitive: if you’re trying to “meet” someone, why would you consider doing so via the Internet?

With the busy, mobile lives we all live, non-traditional introductions are becoming the norm. But “online dating” isn’t always what you think it is. Here are just a few of the ways active adults are meeting and communicating that just might surprise you:

  • Class reunions – whether you’re attending your 35th or your 60th, chances are great that at least part of the preparation includes an online component. Email invitations, online registrations, even “chat rooms” that allow for members of a particular class or school to interact before the event provide a fun, safe environment to connect – or re-connect – with folks who share some of your history.
  • Genealogy – researching one’s family history is easier than ever – and meeting someone on a genealogy site doesn’t have to mean that you are potentially dating your cousin. Spouses of long-deceased distant family members, individuals who grew up in a certain community, or long-lost friends of the family may participate in online discussions.
  • Online classes – folks with a shared interest in, say, wine-tasting or photography may find that participating in the periodic online discussions with the class reveals a potential friend or romantic partner who shares an interest you both studied.
  • Vacations or other activities – you might meet someone on a vacation or through a volunteer activity, but distance or other commitments might make getting together a challenge. Email, Skype and similar forms of electronic follow-up are becoming increasingly common for members of the Boomer generation.
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