Container Gardens Great Outdoor Option for Active Adults

Potted GardensIt’s spring time and suddenly you’re feeling the urge to dig in the dirt, plant some flowers or maybe plan a vegetable garden.

Just because you’ve sold your high-maintenance home – and the big yard – doesn’t mean you have to give up fresh flowers and veggies. In fact, with your new, carefree lifestyle, gardening is easier than ever, because the fun doesn’t take a backseat to outdoor chores like mowing the yard or cleaning the gutters!

Although planting in flower pots has always been a part of the Southern tradition – in Georgia, terra cotta pots brimming with bright red geraniums are as much a part of the Fourth of July as fireworks! – but the options for planting containers has expanded over the past several years as Container Gardening has increased in popularity.

Experts recommend using the biggest container possible, which will encourage deep root growth and healthier plants.

Although dark-colored or metal containers may look lovely now, they will absorb sunlight during the heat of the summer and make the soil too hot – or dry – to be hospitable to most plants. It’s better to choose lighter-colored containers which reflect light and keep the soil (and the roots) cooler. Redwood, cedar, glazed ceramic and cement containers often are the most successful and long-lasting when used for container gardening.

Containers in a Windsong CourtyardUsing re-claimed materials as planting containers is a great option as well – wooden wine barrels, galvanized feed troughs, etc., are spacious and hold sufficient soil to grow vegetables – but make sure that each container has a hole or holes in the bottom to encourage drainage and prevent root-rot.

Steer clear of wooden containers that are coated in creosote or that are constructed of pressure-treated lumber, as the chemicals can leach into the soil and kill the plants or be absorbed by food-producing plants.

Terra cotta is lovely but tends to dry out quickly during the heat of the summer; water several times a day during periods of intense heat to ensure plants are not damaged and the pots do not crack.

Your Windsong home is the perfect place to pursue your container gardening endeavors. With wide front porches and private courtyards, Windsong homeowners find that containers add both visual impact and a source of activity and enjoyment to their luxury ranch-style homes.

Welcome home to Windsong, Where Life (and container-gardening) is a Breeze!

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