Active Adults Pursue Alternatives To Traditional Retirement

Great Jobs for 55+ Active AdultsThere’s a reason Baby Boomers have eschewed the term “senior citizen,” opting for “active adult” instead: while they may be both “seniors” and “citizens,” the adjectives that they aspire to include remaining active, engaged citizens for as long as possible.

Author, journalist and AARP Jobs Expert Kerry Hannon released “Great Jobs for Everyone 50+: Finding Work That Keeps You Happy and Healthy,” which addresses the multiple reasons Active Adults may want to continue working or seek a new career after traditional retirement. She includes a sampling of the jobs that many individuals are finding stimulating, rewarding and flexible enough to allow them to enjoy their lives to the fullest.

Reasons for job-seeking vary, but include being laid off from a previous position; relocating to another part of the country (to be closer to family and friends, for a change of scenery/economic opportunities, or simply to move to a different climate); and to alleviate the boredom, loneliness or lack of social stimulation of being “retired.”

Whatever the reason, post-retirement job-seekers may look for work to use skills they developed throughout their careers or to share life experience, or may swing completely in the opposite direction and provide an experience the individual would never have dreamed of pursuing earlier.

A few possibilities Hannon shares in her blog ( include:
Crossing Guard – according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this job includes one of the highest percentages of workers aged 65+, and the benefits include being outdoors, working in the community and the opportunity for part-time or seasonal employment, depending on the region.
Hospice Chaplain – while a growing number of Boomers are enjoying health well throughout their lifetimes, the sheer number of individuals in the 65+ age range also requires more resources for those who are ill.
Drawing from life experience - and a lifetime of developing empathy and patience – Active Adults fill an important role as pastoral or spiritual counselors to their hospice-ridden peers and elders.
Home Health and Personal Care Aide – for many of the same reasons listed above, Active Adults are often the perfect fit for assisting with home care for elderly or infirm individuals. Duties might include anything from companionship to housekeeping, running errands and monitoring medication.
Move Manager – for those who enjoy interacting with people, and who have perhaps experienced relocating themselves throughout their lives, Active Adults who have already “downsized” or relocated to a new part of the country are a natural fit as consultants to real estate agents, decorators, moving companies and more, to assist the more than 78 million Boomers and seniors contemplating a similar move.

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