Active Adults Embracing Technology

With a trend toward simplifying, it should come as no surprise that the Baby Boomer Generation is embracing technology in record numbers.

Whether keeping in touch with family and friends, watching a television program, reading a book or finding their way around the block or on an extended trip, Boomers are purchasing – and using – smart phones, computers, e-readers and more, in ways that were the stuff of science fiction when they were first entering the work force or starting their families.

According to Discovery magazine, more than two-thirds of Boomers are using home computers and laptops on a regular basis. What started out as a way to research travel options and hobbies has blossomed into a whole new way to stay connected and up-to-date, including…

Social Networking, which also has seen a sharp uptick in the number of users 55 years and up. While many Boomers signed up to view pictures of grandchildren, most have discovered the technology is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family who might live in another part of the country, and more.

Speaking of keeping in touch, Smart phones have also found a welcome audience with Baby Boomers, who have as a generation embraced texting and emailing on the go.

If the email in-box is a bit hard to read on the Smart phone, that’s not a problem for the tech-savvy Boomer. Studies show that iPads are increasingly popular among the 49-and-up crowd, who delight in the large, bright screen and easy-to-navigate qualities for everything from online banking (another popular technology trend with Boomers) to reading a book.

But that doesn’t mean that e-readers are left off this list. High-tech reading tools such as the Kindle and Nook are popular for their bright screens and the opportunity for new or favorite books in larger print, as well as magazine and newspaper subscriptions that don’t require stopping delivery while traveling.

When Boomers do decide to stay at home, it’s likely the news or a favorite television program is viewed on a wall-mounted flat screen television. The latest entertainment delivery devices resemble a piece of artwork rather than a bulky piece of furniture, plus they offer a clearer picture and better sound quality than their predecessors.

Finally, Boomers who travel are finding that staying healthy and staying on-course is easier, with remote health monitoring and GPS (Global Positioning System) technologies, which allow those with chronic conditions to stay in touch with their health care professionals with the touch of a button, and satellite maps that have made travel easier and more enjoyable.

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