New Family Traditions

While holiday music, advertisements and television specials tend to focus on the warm-and-fuzzy aspects of spending time with friends and family this time of year, those among the “Sandwich Generation” feel even more of a pinch – and perhaps a bit of melancholy – as they juggle jobs, kids or grandkids, parents and additional holiday tasks.

While it’s admirable to try and maintain family traditions, including gift exchanges, family meals, parties, and the like, adjusting expectations can be the best gift caregivers can receive (or give to themselves) this holiday season.

Experts at recommend adjusting expectations, even making changes to the way certain traditions are carried out, to allow everyone to feel included and appreciated.

Senior care expert Terry Jeffers suggests:

  • Free yourself from the “shoulds.” Never mind how you should feel, or how the house should look.
  • Recognize that having family and friends gathered is what is important. Which leads to:
  • Allow for “good enough.” A smaller tree, fewer decorations, a catered meal instead of a home-cooked one, even a smaller holiday card or gift list – if it makes life simpler, that’s “good enough.”
  • Ask for help. Especially for full-time caregivers, the added tasks and stress of the holidays can take their toll. Asking a family member or friend to help out isn’t a sign of weakness, and it may help preserve your health and good cheer through this busy time.

Each Windsong community was designed with the active Boomer in mind, with low-maintenance features and home designs that maximize accessibility, minimize hassles and provide opportunities to enjoy an active lifestyle, even during the busy holiday season. Members of the Sandwich Generation find Windsong communities the perfect places to relax and savor time spent with friends, neighbors and multiple generations of family!

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