Simple Yet Festive Holiday Decor

Baby Boomers carved their niche in history as the most prosperous generation, which re-defined everything from career choices to home styles and everything in between – including the way in which holidays are celebrated.

While “downsizing” may have included parting with many of the items that were no longer “necessary” for day-to-day living, holiday décor need not be a sparse affair. In fact, the same ingenuity that has shaped the Boomer Generation is at work with celebrating life’s events as well.

A few simple tweaks offer a fun, festive twist to the tried-and-true, without breaking tradition.

Ornaments collected over the years may once have graced an enormous tree, or several. Your new home may be suitable for a single tree – or none at all, if you plan to travel over the holidays – but that doesn’t mean you have to leave your ornaments tucked away in the attic.

  • Display ornaments in large bowls, hurricane lamps or vases throughout your home. To keep your displays from looking jumbled, stick to one or two colors or styles of ornaments in a single container or room.
  • String traditional ornaments on ribbons and hang in bunches from chandeliers over the kitchen and dining tables. Or use ornaments in the same style or color on longer ribbons, displayed in “curtain” fashion in front of windows.

If you long for a tree but don’t want the mess and disruption, you can still enjoy your traditional pine, but in a scale that is in keeping with your surroundings.

  • Choose a small tree (think “Charlie Brown Christmas”) and display it on a table top or plant stand.
  • Smaller ornaments and lights can be used to make a big impact.
  • Collect pine boughs and arrange them in a tall vase. Hang ornaments, lights or beads from the boughs.
  • Display evergreen topiaries instead of traditional spruce or fir trees. Arrange in pots and decorate with lights and ornaments, but enjoy them year-round, inside or out.

Decorating experts suggest these tips to keep from feeling overwhelmed by holiday decorating and tchotchkes:

  • Stick to a theme throughout the home. This should include colors and textures that carry from room to room.
  • Use what you have, display what you love. While it may be fun to run out and purchase this year’s “trendy” décor items, your existing collection likely holds meaning and memories for you.
  • Swap out everyday candles, pillows, baskets and books for those with a holiday theme.

Whether hosting a gathering of friends and family, or simply want to surrounding themselves with décor that define the holidays, Baby Boomers have turned downsizing and simplifying for the holidays into another exciting trend.

Each Windsong active retirement community was designed with Boomers in mind, with home designs that maximize accessibility, minimize hassles and provide opportunities for homeowners to simplify, enrich and enjoy their lives – during the holidays and throughout the year. Attractive floor plans, low-maintenance exteriors, accessibility and natural light abound, as do neighbors with similar life-stage experience.

We’re the experts at simplifying your life, which is why we say at Windsong, Life’s a Breeze!

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