“Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy”

George Gershwin created a masterpiece with those lyrics, originally penned for “Porgy and Bess” back in 1935. But it’s been the anthem of summer for many generations since, with recordings by celebrities including Sam Cooke, Billie Holliday and Ella Fitzgerald, to name a few.

photo by boo_licous via flickrHere in Georgia, that song’s lyrics carry us straight into September, where Summertime reminds us that its grip lasts a little longer in the South. The soulful lyrics call for a swing or a rocker on a wide front porch and a glass of cold lemonade to sip as you wave to the neighbors strolling by on the sidewalk at dusk.

For a time, it seemed those walkable neighborhoods, friendly neighbors and wide front porches were hard to come by. Lucky for us, like the lyrics of Gershwin’s Summertime anthem, there are still folks who recognize a classic and are able to tweak a few things here, add a few things there and ensure that the Livin’ is indeed Easy.

Just as a song’s lyrics recall different memories for different people, “easy living” has a host of meanings as well, depending on what someone wants or needs in their home at any given time.

Depending on the person, simplifying may mean clearing the clutter, spending more time with loved ones, having someone else mow the yard and clean the gutters, “down-sizing,” or doing away with climbing stairs to reach a bedroom or do the laundry.

“Easy living” means recognizing that adding candles to the cake doesn’t mean doing away with activities we enjoy. It’s September in the South, and that means football, tailgate parties held in a comfortable spaces, with plenty of room to cook, serve, entertain and enjoy the game.

A stepless entry and wide hallways makes for easier access and more natural light, creating a comfortable space for everyday living and entertaining alike. Incorporating these features in your home certainly means “easy living,” as do roll-out shelves in kitchen cabinets that make access to cookware and serving dishes more convenient, door handles with levers so you don’t have to put down the appetizers to access the patio, and flexible living spaces that allow overnight guests to be as comfortable as you are in your home.

We listen to what our buyers are looking for in a home, which is why Windsong Properties incorporates these features and more into each and every home they build. And the wide front porches overlook walkable streets with sidewalks where neighbors stroll at dusk, dawn and throughout the day to visit the Clubhouse or wave to the neighbors, and maybe stop by for a glass of cold lemonade.

It’s Summertime, and the Livin’ is Easy at Windsong Properties, Where Life’s a Breeze!

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