Great Social Gatherings – Book Clubs

Whether you’re traveling this summer or enjoying the weather at home on the porch swing, one of the must-have items is a good book – or several, depending on how fast you read.
book club
Of course, finding a small, local bookseller to offer recommendations is one way to find your next favorite story, sharing it with others ranks right up there as well, helping you find a great new author in a genre you already enjoy, or stretching you outside of your normal reading zone to try something new.

Book clubs are a great way to not only discover new stories, but also to forge new friendships. And toss aside any preconceived notions about book clubs – there are clubs for every reading style and personality for men and women alike.

Finding an existing book club is a great way to get plugged into the local scene and meet folks who know each other, have recommendations for local dining and entertainment, and who can introduce you to others in your community, helping you feel more at home. Check with your local independent bookseller or the library for contact information and to determine which clubs might best suit your tastes and interests.

Because there are so many books, genres and people who read, starting a new book club is another great option, particularly in a new community in which all of the neighbors have something in common: their new neighborhood.

To start a book club:

  • Talk with other folks in your community to discover their reading tastes.
  • Decide how many people you want to participate. An ideal size is 8 to 10, which allows everyone to participate, and for the discussions to continue if someone is absent or chooses to opt-out of a club selection.
  • Set up guidelines – will you serve a meal or light refreshments? Will you socialize first and discuss the book second? Who will choose the books? How often will you meet? Where will you meet?
  • Set a regular schedule for your meetings – once a month is generally the norm, giving members enough time to read the club selection and look forward to discussion.
  • Many books feature “Book Club Discussion Questions” at the back of the book; others offer questions online.

If discussion questions are not available for a specific book, you may want to use these general questions:

  • How did the setting enhance the story?
  • Did the main character(s) seem believable and relatable?
  • Did the story introduce any new concepts or ideas for you?
  • What was the pivotal point of the story?
  • How did the pivotal point affect the main character(s) and/or the story’s outcome?
  • Did you recognize any particular theme(s) in this book?

You may also want to read more about the author, his/her experiences and other books he/she has written.

Each Windsong active retirement community was designed to help Boomers cultivate new friendships, with walkable streets and a private fitness center in the clubhouse, neighbors with similar life-stage experiences, and home designs that maximize accessibility, minimize hassles and provide opportunities to enjoy an active lifestyle without sacrificing style or luxury. Clubhouse space, courtyards and spacious interiors provide the perfect setting for a book club or other gatherings of friends and family.

Welcome home to Windsong  – Where Life’s A Breeze!

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