Courtyard Vegetables – Great with Grandchildren

As a grandmother of four grandchildren, ranging in age from two to twenty, Fran has always looked forward to summer, when the kids have time to visit and she can create a project that will be fun, rewarding and educational.

One of her favorite projects is also nutritious – planting a vegetable garden with the grandkids. The best thing is, even though the ages of the children vary, she finds something that each of them can enjoy that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

When the older two were in elementary school, Fran had a backyard where she had plenty of room to grow flowers, shrubs and vegetables. She would sit down with a seed catalog and have the kids help her make a drawing of the yard, planning where the plants would go, based on what their sunlight and watering needs were.

The oldest child, her only granddaughter, enjoyed mixing tomatoes, cucumbers and beans in among the flower beds. “My oldest grandson really had a knack for watering,” Fran says with a laugh.

With the younger two, Fran’s space is more limited, having traded her house and yard work for a single-story home with an Ranch home gardenoutdoor courtyard and a front porch. But she has found a new passion for container gardening. She still mixes flowers and vegetables together, but now it’s in a pot or planting box.

“One of the little boys turns his nose up at vegetables, but he enjoys picking cherry tomatoes and green beans out of Grandma’s flower pots and eating them raw,” Fran says.

As for the older ones, they enjoy the challenge of planning theme pots. Their favorite? “The pizza garden!” Fran says. “We put heirloom tomatoes, basil and oregano plants in a single pot and make pizza when the plants mature.”

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