Unforgettable Tips To Boost Your Memory

Actress Marilu Henner released a book recently – “Total Memory Makeover”Strengthen your memory –  about her “total recall” ability – recalling the smallest detail of every moment of her life. She shares tips about how to use memory retrieval methods to help readers lose weight, regain confidence and overcome adversity.

For most of us, however, it would be nice to know that we can simply remember the little things – anniversaries and birthdays, the items on the grocery list, even the names of every teacher we ever had – or simply to ensure that our memory doesn’t decline as we age.

If you’re the person who always seems to forget things, or if you simply want to make sure you don’t start forgetting, these simple tips will help you boost your memory skills:
Exercise – A brisk walk around the neighborhood isn’t just good for the waistline. Increasing your blood flow means increasing the amount of oxygen that reaches your brain, and your capacity for memory.
Sleep –  Remember your school days when you’d stay up late cramming for an exam? Studies show that getting more sleep actually helps you remember things better!
Diet – Eating more healthy fats (think avocados), foods rich in Omega-3 (cold water fish, such as salmon) and choline (found in egg yolks and spinach) can help ward off diseases that sap your memory.
Play – Learning a new language or skill, playing games and doing puzzles keeps your mind active and helps improve memory by strengthening synapses in your brain.
Socialize – recent studies from Harvard University show that people with active social lives actually slow their mental decline and retain memory function.

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