Here’s To A Healthy Retirement… And Beyond!

Boomers have consistently forged new paths and set new trends for everything from employment to family size and housing. This generation has even re-defined what retirement is supposed to look like, and they are one of the first retiring populations to seek out health care when they need it, as they want to “be healthy, stay healthy and be fixed when they aren’t healthy,” says Dr. Lee Green, MPH of the University of Michigan Health System.

To offset the strain on the health care system, medical experts encourage Boomers to set yet another trend: be proactive about their health care with a healthy diet, regular exercise and medical screenings to detect potential health problems early.

The following screenings and preventive care schedules are recommended to help Boomers establish a “baseline” for health so they can lead an independent, active, healthy lifestyle well into their retirement:
Senior Eye ExamsVision Screening every 2 to 3 years
Dental Screening – annually
Hearing Screening – every 3 years
Cholesterol Screening – complete Lipid profile every 5 years
Blood Pressure Screening – every 2 years
Diabetes Screening – establish a baseline by age 45; repeat screening every year after age 45
Vaccinations – annual flu shot; tetanus booster every 10 years
Thyroid Screening – every 5 years
Colon/Rectal Screening – annual stool test beginning at age 50, with flexible sigmoidoscopy every 5 years or colonoscopy every 10 years
Cervical Cancer Screening – (women) – every 1 to 2 years, depending on consecutive “normal” test results
Breast Cancer Screening – (women) – monthly breast self-exam; clinical breast exam & mammogram annually
Prostate Cancer Screening – (men) – discuss with your doctor

*Source: The Med; Dr. Pamela J. Schonefeld – Board Certified in Internal Medicine; Fellow of the American College of Physicians (FACP)

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