Courtyard Home Vegetable Gardening with Grandchildren

Courtyard ranch homesBefore the Internet and the plethora of personal electronic devices, there was a wonderful, child-friendly activity that grandparents could share with their grandchildren: planting a garden.

Fortunately, container gardening makes this a possibility especially suited for the courtyards of Windsong’s ranch homes; and the results can be a feast for both the eyes and the table.

If your grandchildren are picky about which vegetables they will eat, you may find that they will eat those which they grow and pick themselves – which is so much more fun than buying them at the grocery store!

Consider these child-friendly, easy-to-grow vegetables for your container garden:
Cherry tomatoes
Green beans

Also consider “theme” gardens like a salad garden, salsa garden or pizza garden.

Salad garden
You will need one or two two-foot square containers in full sun (6 hours or more per day).
One cucumber (1 gallon of growing space)
One tomato (5 gallons of growing space) or one cherry tomato (5 gallons)
One bell pepper (5 gallons)
Two leaf lettuce (1 gallon per 2 plants)
Three radishes (1 gallon per 3 plants)

Salsa garden
Container should hold approximately 10 to 12 gallons of growing soil, with a wide enough opening that the plants do not crowd each other as they grow. All plants perform best in full sun.
One tomato (5 gallons)
One bell pepper (5 gallons)
Cilantro (1 gallon)
Parsley (1 gallon)
Green onions (2 gallons for 6 plants)

Pizza Garden
You will need one large container that holds up to 10 gallons of soil and full sun exposure.
1 tomato (5 gallons)
1 oregano (1 gallon)
1 basil (1 gallon)
3-5 green onions (1 gallon)

Homes in our Windsong active retirement communities feature patios and porches where container gardens thrive, and where you can spend quality time outdoors with family and friends. Best of all, our  home designs minimize hassles with low-maintenance exteriors, maximize accessibility and provide countless opportunities to enjoy an active lifestyle without sacrificing style or luxury.

Welcome home to Windsong  – Where Life’s A Breeze!

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