Active Learning – Active Adults

Some of the happiest moments in our lives are those in which we accomplish something new. Think about the wide grin of a baby who is just learning to walk, or the delight on the face of a child who hits the ball in Little League, or the smile of accomplishment worn by a college graduate holding their diploma aloft.

We spend our lifetimes learning new tasks – navigating the streets of a town we’re visiting, learning to use a new computer program or to play a video game with our grandchildren – and the sense of accomplishment is accompanied by another benefit that we don’t see: the brain actually grows and improves when we learn new things.

In several studies cited by The Franklin Institute’s Resources for Learning, actively participating in new tasks helps you maintain healthy connections between the cells in your brain. Just like physical exercise helps you maintain muscle mass and body function, mental exercise helps maintain your brain’s ability to function properly – and that includes memory.

Moving into a new home, perhaps even a new part of the country, is a great excuse to learn new things, or renew a hobby or interest you participated in before work and family filled your days.

Take a moment to think about what you’ve always wanted to learn or try “if you had the time.”

Each Windsong community was created to provide the time and space for you to pursue hobbies that you’ve put on hold or that sparked your interest.  We’ve designed elegant, low-maintenance ranch homes that offer ample space for a home office, craft room or workout room; open space so you can try a new recipe and visit with your guests in a spacious, welcoming environment; and private courtyards where you can create a flower or vegetable garden – or both!

Your well-appointed clubhouse includes a fitness center where you can strengthen your heart and muscles with a new exercise regimen, and a gathering area that provides the perfect outlet to play cards or chess, create crafts, share thoughts about the latest best-selling book, swap recipes, or simply visit with your neighbors.

“Active Adult” means you have the desire and opportunity to participate in activities that will fill you with the same sense of accomplishment you experienced in childhood. Welcome home to Windsong – Where Life’s A Breeze!

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