Will the food truck be the solution?

Photo by Phillip PesserHave you noticed that food trucks are becoming more and more popular?  If your office is in the right spot, your parking lot can be a food court for lunch! Traditional fare such as hamburgers and barbecue are found along side more exotic fare like Korean or Japanese.  Even the cupcake bakers are motoring around town!

Recently I saw an article on the news about a spin on the food truck; the produce bus.  Not a new concept, but a great one none the less.  An old city transport bus was converted into a mobile produce stand; bringing fresh produce to metro neighborhoods that don’t have convenient grocery stores.  What a great idea!

For years communities have been discussing the mobility needs of the aging population.  Bringing goods and services to them just might be the way to solve the issue.  Could successful business plans be built around a mobile beauty salon?  mobile mini-market? mobile physical therapy?

What mobile industry would you create?

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