Popular Surgery? Knee Replacement Booms with Boomers

Active Boomers are finding that their bodies are not keeping pace with their physical demands.  Just this past week, my Sister-in-Law, a trailing edge boomer, had her first knee replacement.  The procedure went well and her prognosis is excellent.   Soon she will be up and at it with the vigor of a 30 year old…maybe?

The University of Michigan Health System says she is not alone.  More than 500,000 knee replacement surgeries will happen this year.  Ten years from now, experts estimate there could be as many as 3.2 million annual knee replacement surgeries.

The primary reason boomers seek knee replacement is the early onset of osteoarthritis, a painful and often debilitating condition resulting from a lifetime of activity and often old injuries.  Not ready to slow down, boomers are taking advantage of advancements in medical technology.

During knee replacement surgery, the ends of the damaged thigh, lower leg bones, and kneecap are capped with artificial surfaces lined with metal and plastic.   Patients who have experienced the surgery say the new knee is better than they ever imagined.

Billie Jean King – tennis superstar and boomer has had double knee replacement surgery states “Now I’m pain free.  If I want to play tennis or take a walk in the park, I can.  I’m going through this mindset change now.  It’s amazing.  My first knee-jerk reaction is ‘Oh, I can’t – oh, yes I can do that.’ ”

Surgeons recommend boomers (and everyone) stay active, healthy, and maintain proper body weight.  There is no evidence on how long a knee-replacement will last.  Caring for the knee replacement is going to be vital for its longevity.

Living in a single story ranch home from Windsong Properties can help ease the wear and tear on your knees and if you’ve had a knee replacement, the elimination of stairs will keep that knee in great shape!  Come by our office today and find the ranch home of your dreams!

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  1. Karen Serviss August 6, 2011 at 7:32 pm #

    I have had knee replacement and just moved into Windsong Seven Hills and it is wonderful to be on one level. Going up and down the stairs was really hard after surgery and was hard on my other bad knee. Being on one level is much more comfortable.

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